Build Business Acumen Delivers Practical Business Knowledge and Powerful Guidance, Delivered Through Regular Podcasts.

We deliver inspiring stories from business leaders and inspirational guests from all walks of life who share their successes and failures to encourage and entertain the listener.

We inform and inspire ambitious or disillusioned people to change their lives. By helping to bring the fun back to your professional journey, to becoming more successful and knowledgeable than you are already!

We meet people where they are in life and believe that everyone in life has a story and has knowledge that has value.

The podcasts and interviews enable listeners and business leaders to build business acumen and brand value.

We also discuss how to have a better work/life balance in business and anything in between.

We utilise classical knowledge passed down through generations from decades of experience in business and life.

Content is delivered from handpicked, seasoned game changers and educators.

We provide timeless, classical resources with a futuristic feet on the ground attitude.

It is “Practical Knowledge!” that meets people at their level: avoiding techno speak & meaningless jargon at ALL costs.

Headed by Nathaniel C Schooler, engaging interviewer, writer and trusted business adviser, IBM Futurist and LinkedIn award winner.

Nathaniel delivers fresh ideas, strategy and advice on next generation technology and we as seasoned business leaders can provide on demand multi faceted boards of advisers when needed.

Many guests are responsible for building and sustaining many of the largest brands in the world and our international team have decades of experience in Europe, Asia, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Japan and SA. We are currently looking to formulate more relationships with Latin American business leaders and people who have interesting inspiring stories to tell.